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    Congrats U18 Girls team and Coach Achille, they are 2016 ECSL League & Playoff Champions.

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    After 33 years of local history our Club has decided to expand our horizons and connect with other White Eagles Clubs throughout North America, our focus is to develop a diversity of sports programs, including helping the mentally challenged athlete as they are an equal part of our community, we believe sports should be played and enjoyed by everyone and our Club will work hard to provide the experience to do so by introducing unique sports parklands for the community.

    Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) & Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL)

    Our Club Teams, have the opportunity to play in Canada during the summer months and play in the off season in one of two Michigan Soccer Leagues. These leagues will introduce the soccer athlete to a diversity of competition within close proximity.  Players no longer have to practice in the U.S., pay expensive Club Fees, and travel over the border 3-4 times per week, the teams that register with us can practice and play in Canada throughout the year and play in Michigan in the fall or spring seasons.  Families will save a considerable amount of money, in addition it will help create more opportunities for the soccer athlete with respect to College and University Play.  Our local teams play as Detroit White Eagles in the off season, so there is no need to change uniforms or identity to play, teams can even continue playing Elite Soccer with their team-mates well into their early 20's, staying a White Eagle for life.


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