Windsor White Eagles Sports & Recreation is a local Club that provides a means for children and adults to participate in all kinds of sporting events, i.e., Soccer, Futsal, Tennis, Table Tennis, Skiing, Volleyball, Fishing etc. Most people would think we are all about soccer since our Club is of European heritage; we are much more than soccer although it is our favorite sport to play. We are recognized by the Essex County Soccer Association as a Competitive Soccer Club playing within the Greater Essex County Region. We welcome people from of all walks of life, regardless of age or ethnicity to participate in any activity that promotes well-being and supports the necessity of the human spirit to experience life to the fullest through sport.
Any person is eligible to play.
Windsor White Eagles competes in the ECSL (Level 5), MYSL (Michigan Youth Soccer League, all competitive age groups), MSPSP Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (Premier 1, Premier 2, & Classic Levels). We support the promotion of local players to play in the Western Ontario Youth Soccer League (WOYSL, Level 3) and Ontario Youth Soccer League (OYSL – Level 1).
Eastside Kickers and FC Nationals currently play in WOYSL & OYSL against teams from across Ontario. The WOYSL consists of teams from London, Waterloo, Guelph, Sault Ste. Marie and Sarnia areas. The OYSL consists of teams from the GTA. The District CLubs cannot play in the Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSP) as they are not a registered Michigan Soccer Club.
All Clubs in Windsor compete in Level 5 local competitive competitions or lower, or Level 3 or 1 if the Club is assigned the District Status through ECSA our local governing body for soccer. Windsor White Eagles offers the opportunity for Soccer Players to experience International Play in the U.S, our teams in off season play under the Detroit White Eagles Soccer Club which represents Michigan at both regional and state level.
  • Level 7 - recreational soccer leagues (also known as house leagues). These leagues are managed by local soccer clubs (e.g. Tecumseh Soccer Club, LaSalle Stompers, Windsor Soccer Club, etc.)
  • Level 5 - local competitive league playing within Essex County (e.g. Windsor and District Soccer League). Teams competing at this level include Caboto, Polonia, LaSalle Stompers, Tecumseh Soccer Club etc.
  • Level 3 – regional competitive leagues consisting of teams playing within one of the following regions West, East, North, South, Central (e.g. WOYSL). The West region includes team from Essex, Elgin Middlesex, Lambton Kent and South West.
  • Level 1 – provincial competitive league consisting of the top teams from each of the regions listed above.
Each White Eagles coach chooses their own development plan; on average most coaches adopt a 2:1 training to game ratio. All players are encouraged to work on individual skill, fitness, SAQ and team development. The Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) promotes a 3:1 training to game ratio to play at a higher level. Other FIFA member countries recommend academy style training in addition to regular Club participation to develop advanced elite players.
The registration fee for Windsor White Eagles is $550.00 per player in Canada (ECSL). The U.S. sessions cost approximately $350.00 per season fall/spring (not including Uniform and Track Suit). All fees are subject to change which depends on annual respective league fees, referee fees, field maintenance fees, etc.
The registration fees primarily cover the following expenses:
  • complete uniforms (home/away), bag, soccer ball & training suit (2 year cycle)
  • field and gyms rentals (gyms rentals are two nights per week at a local secondary school during the off season)
  • player and team registration fees for appropriate leagues, associations, and Ontario Cup
  • summer soccer camp (fees are not inclusive)
  • referee fees
  • field maintenance fees
  • general administration expenses required to operate the club
The registration fees do not cover the following expenses:
  • tournament entry fees
  • winter training sessions not identified above (indoor turf facilities)
  • travel expenses such as hotel accommodations for overnight stays if required
  • border travel
It is the coach’s discretion to determine how to generate the funds required for the activities not included in the registration fees. The parents could be asked directly for the monies required or fundraising events could be held. Fundraising events must be approved by the Board of Directors.
The mandate of the Windsor White Eagles is player development. We are committed to developing elite athletes and providing them with the opportunity to play at the highest levels, both in Canada and the U.S. We have exclusive parkland in Windsor (5 acres in total), a Club House and Community Hall to help host fundraising events, our fields in the U.S are 30 minutes drive located in the beautiful suburban location of Sterling Heights Michigan. We are working to provide a complete infrastructure for the soccer athlete.
Windsor White Eagles cannot guarantee your daughter or son will receive a scholarship. However, playing for Windsor White Eagles may improve the chances of obtaining a scholarship by playing at the highest level of soccer available. Windsor White Eagles will continue to work at developing relationships and partnering with educational institutions, both in Canada & the U.S.
The advantage of White Eagle Soccer teams playing in Michigan is being able to compete with Elite Clubs like Michigan Hawks, Gators, Vardar, WAZA, & RSC in fall and Spring Leagues. All games are played within a driving radius of 30-60 minutes. Our Club plays in both the MYSL & MSPSP, no other local Club can complete in the Michigan State Premier League.