Hello gentlemen,

We just finished our semi-final match. We won so we will play tomorrow in the final. We were promised the trophy for the league champions today yet nothing was given. I must say, we were a bit disappointed. If we lost, there would be no trophy presentation at all.

That is why I’m writing to you today. Can we please get that trophy presented tomorrow?? Our team would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Pete Karas.

On Sep 29, 2014 8:58 AM, “Pete Karas” <karasp@uwindsor.ca> wrote:

Hello gentlemen,

I’m writing to you today as coach of Polonia men’s soccer team. Last night we had our last game of the season and now all games have been played out in full.

We are currently tied with Croatia Windsor for the league lead. But, as we read online, we have the tie breaker advantage because of the head to head victory we had with them, which is the first tie breaker, therefore that puts us in first place.

Just wanted to clarify that it was right and request that the standings on the website be adjusted accordingly.

Also, myself along with Roman and Ziggy wanted to inquire about the trophy for league champions. When will this take place and how so that we can let our team know. The guys worked hard for this all season and they would want to see this hard work displayed.

Thank you for your time.

Pete Karas

Intramural Co-Ed/Men’s Soccer Coordinator
Athletics and Recreational Services
University of Windsor