Hello gentlemen, I am writing to you today as the coach of Polonia men’s soccer club on the grounds of a official protest we would like to conduct about our game this past Sunday, August 24 in Leamington, game #1058.

The $50 protest fee is on its way to the office and well be accompanied by the following protest.

“Having arrived in Leamington, just prior to the game time start, I was informed by a few of my players that the Leamington team will be short quite a bit of players because of certain college and university matches being held that weekend. I noticed that they had players that I previously did not see that played against us in our two prior matches. I therefore asked the referees that we conduct a player book check prior to the start of the game. This was met by some shock and unsureness by the opposing Leamington team.

After some time while my players were waiting on the sideline, player books in check, the Leamington players one by one slowly and unsurely made their way to the sideline to hand me their player books. I noticed some discrepancies right away with some of the player books that they handed me. For one, some of the player books were tattered and worn and did not show most of the information that needed to be on the pages where team information was supposed to be. About half of the teams player books were missing information about the clubs he currently played for, but did have an OSA and ECSA stamp as outdoor 2014 but, did not have team name or what League they’re playing in above such stamp. This was very confusing and odd for me as a coach to see a stamp but no league or team name above it or on the previous pages. It just looked as if the pages were stamped without any team information of what team that play or play for at the time. Also, two or three of the players books did not have pictures, or had pictures that were Not put in properly. Again, I was very confused about the books that were handed me and the condition that they were in. I informed the referee that this is not the way a book or books should look, but he said that it’s between us and the team and that he doesn’t know what is supposed to be in line or not. He assured me that most of the players were players on that team but a couple he is not sure of himself,  having refereed that team not a number of times this year already.

Not wanting to make a scene or waste any more time, I told the referee it’s fine and that we will play the game but under protest.

After the match ended, my manager, Ziggy Kowalczykowski, went over to the referees to get a copy of the game sheets. He stood there for some time while the referees were filling out paperwork for goals and yellow cards of the opposing team. The reason for the delay was that the referee could not find one of the players that played on the game sheets. The referee then went over to the Leamington coach and asked him who got the fourth Yellowcard for the team. The coach, after a few minutes wrote in a player after the match in pen on the game sheet. The referee then marked a yellow card for said player. Ziggy then took the team sheet over to our team and finished our post game talk. In the ride home, Ziggy informed me of what happened after the game and I immediately was taken aback and as I know that that sort of procedure is not allowed in the league, on top of everything else that happened before the match.
Adding to that, the player in question that received a yellow card that was marked in on the game sheet after the match was not given a number by the coach. So, the player was an illegal player because of no number on the Jersey which would constitute an illegal and incomplete player. I have attached a copy scan of the Leamington team lineup which clearly shows the player in question on the bottom of the game sheets without a number.

Normally I am not the coach and we are not the team to make such protests and complaints about a match. But, it already happened once this year in a match against the LaSalle men’s soccer team where the team was using illegal players and we did not find out until after the match, after it was too late. That is why I do not want that to happen again because I want fairness in the league and I want those that are allowed to play, to play. My team was short players as well, and I realize that happens. But getting players as guests and players that are not allowed to play is not right and shouldn’t be tolerated in any league.
I realize every protest must be accompanied by a $50 fee, so as we speak, my manager Ziggy Kowalczykowski is on his way to the WADSL office to give a check for $50 so that this can be overviewed. Please take a look at this protest and please make a decision based on the facts and based on the evidence from the game sheets.

Thank you gentlemen for your time and patience. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.”

Yours in writing,

Pete Karas

Co-ed Soccer Sport Manager
Athletics and Recreational Services
University of Windsor


From: Pete Karas [mailto:karasp@uwindsor.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:23 AM
To: sgrigs58@gmail.com; Stephen Shearer; fspizzirri31@gmail.com; satchtocco@cogeco.ca
Cc: Zbigniew Kowalczykowski; Kazimierz Czubernat
Subject: Senior men’s game #1058 protest